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96% or 96 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to supporting students, with only 4% is used to support administration costs.

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Eagle Heights Africa in BC or EHA BC welcomes support from all countries. We invite you to get involved.

EHA BC is a registered Society in British Columbia, Canada. You can become a member of our Society simply by providing your name and contact information to Eagle Heights Africa in BC.

Drop us a line at our mailing address below, along with a cheque for the registration fee – $20.00 Canadian dollars.

Members receive regular updates on the activities of EHA BC, and a copy of our Annual Report.

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Every donation we receive is put to good use and can help make a real difference in the life of a student in Kenya.  EHA BC issues tax receipts to all donors.

You can make a donation by sending a cheque to EHA BC at the mailing address below or donate using the ‘Make a Donation’ button.  We are grateful for each and every dollar we receive, and truly appreciate your support.

Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student

Sponsorship Update 2021: Eagle Heights Africa in BC has an immediate need to support a child in Kenya. If you wish to sponsor this child, contact us at The cost to sponsor this child for 2021 is $1200. This payment covers tuition in a boarding school, room and board, a uniform, and an allowance for personal effects. Thanks for considering this urgent matter.

EHA BC works with EHA (Kenya) in selecting new students who would benefit from sponsorship and the opportunity to attend school.  Once a Canadian sponsor is identified, EHA (Kenya) selects a child from its waiting list.

Some facts about full sponsorship:

  • The sponsorship period coincides with the Kenyan school year – January 1st to Dec 31st
  • Sponsors receive a letter from the student twice each year
  • School reports are forwarded to each sponsor at the end of each trimester
  • Sponsorship fees cover all or part of school tuition, room and board at a residential school, school uniforms, and an allowance for personal effects
  • The annual sponsorship fee for a student in 2021 is $1200.00
  • EHA BC issues tax receipts to each Canadian sponsor
  • Each December, the EHA BC Directors determine the investment required for sponsorship of each student and adjusts the annual fee accordingly.
  • EHA in BC invites inquiries from any and all countries.

 Email us at:

‘The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have’

Vince Lombardi

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Eagle Heights Africa in BC is a registered charity (#80139 3653 RR001) and issues tax receipts for all donations.