Tributes to our Founders of Eagle Heights Africa in BC Society

The year 2020 has been a significant one for many. Bill and Joan German were the founding members of our Society in 2010, and both passed away within five months of each other; Joan from a lengthy illness on July 23, 2020 and Bill on December 12, 2020. We all grieve the loss…

Christine Blackburn recently wrote a beautiful tribute to both of them acknowledging their commitment and contribution to ensuring that youngsters in Kenya have educational opportunities that would be life-changing not only for them; but for their families and communities. Christine’s article can be found in the Seaside Magazine (February 2021) and is also available on Seaside’s website link seasidetimes – Issuu.

While the Board, sponsors, and the Kenyan partners and students pay our respect and gratitude to Bill and Joan, we believe this student’s wonderful tribute (below), upon hearing of Bill’s passing, captures the impact of Bill and Joan’s commitment and legacy to Eagle Heights Africa in BC Society.

“I am one of the pioneer students of the EHA Education Hope Program.  We were therefore fortunate to not only correspond with Bill, but to meet him in person upon his visit to Kenya.  He and Joan paid us a school visit and brought each of us Canadian-themed gifts.  It was exciting and a memorable moment to this day. 

One of things we will really miss are the encouraging letters and constant reassurance Bill gave us.  He supported our dreams and expressed strong belief in our ability to achieve them.  We are eternally grateful for the many ways in which he impacted our lives.  He has truly been a force propelling us to great heights”.

The legacy of our founding Board members, to strive to carry out the vision of Eagle Heights Africa in BC Society, will continue with the commitment of the Board, sponsors, donors, and others who value the importance of education and support for youth in Kenya. Thanks to Joan and Bill – we miss you…


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